SoGreen declaration "On the Green move"

With regard to:

The challenge that we face on climate change;

The ongoing loss of biodiversity;

The overexploitation of our soil and natural resources;

The pressure on our health and well-being;

The solutions is:

We need to restore our ecosystems in rural and urban areas by using the benefits of greenery in nature based solutions.

The partners of SoGreen contribute to EU-policies in amongst others the European Green Deal that focusses on:

New regulations on climate law and greening cities;

Opportunities within the Biodiversity Strategy, linked on soil, reforestation and urban ecosystems;

A nature inclusive Renovation Wave that leads to energy efficient and climate adaptive buildings;

Skills Agenda with digital skills and skills related to nature based solutions;

Facilitation of innovation supported by EU-Horizon on restoring and reinforcing ecosystems;

European support by the subsidization in LIFE and other programs.


The challenges of economic and social development, as well as sustainable management and protection of natural resources and their importance for the achievement of the objectives of human well‐being and social equity. The seriousness of the issues related to climate change, one of the greatest challenges the planet is facing today, and yet one that also represents a unique opportunity for the emergence of a sustainable prosperity through international cooperation on climate. The need, to achieve these sustainable development goals, for the establishment of policies and measures that are agreed upon both at the national and international levels.


The need to actively promote the establishment of international partnerships to support the achievement of ambitious results of slowing, halting and reversing the decline of nature, biodiversity and sustainability. Be the discussion and negotiation partner, including the principles of consultation and participation, to strengthen the social movement towards greening and sustainability. The highly cross‐sectoral and multisectoral nature with the call on the importance of greenery with social benefits. The advance of the processes by being the voice of the green professionals who provide this important work. The commitments to reforms related to work together to meet social challenges in which greenery can be a solution. Reach a greener environment thanks to our common initiative by integration of objectives of adaptation and resilience to climate change.