SoGreen Alliance sends letters of support for EU Nature Restoration Law

SoGreen Alliance sends letters of support for EU Nature Restoration Law The SoGreen Alliance, a cooperation of eight European associations of urban green professionals, has sent today letters of support for the EU Nature Restoration Law to the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU and to EU-Commissioner Sinkevičius. On Monday March 25th it was the intention to adopt the law in the Environment Council, but due to the fact that there was no qualified majority anymore the voting was taken off the agenda. The SoGreen Alliance is very concerned about what will happen next. In the letters of support the Alliance emphasizes on the enormous opportunities in the urban chapter of the Nature Restoration Law. The Alliance calls on the Belgian Presidency to take all efforts needed leading to the adoption of the law before the end of their current mandate.

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PRESS RELEASE - White paper of the SoGreen Alliance on the European elections 2024

Today March 21st 2024, at the start of a new Spring, the SoGreen Alliance publishes a white paper with recommendations for urban green policies in view of the upcoming European elections and the next EU-semester 2024 - 2029. In the white paper, with the title ‘We want to pass on a liveable and greener world for our children and next generations’, the Alliance pleads amongst others for an advanced EU Green Deal 2.0 with a specific urban chapter. The SoGreen Alliance, which is a cooperation of eight European associations of urban green professionals, wants to take up a pro-active role in realizing a green and healthy urban environment and seeks with this white paper the cooperation with European policy makers and relevant stakeholders on this topic.

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White paper on European elections

This white paper offers recommendations on behalf of the SoGreen Alliance for the European elections and the next EU-semester 2024 - 2029. Our alliance represents the European associations of tree nurserers, landscape architects, builders of green roofs and living walls, interior greeners, landscapers and gardeners, tree care specialists, builders of natural bathing waters and green professionals at municipalities. Together they strive for a sustainable and resilient future with greenery and nature-based solutions.

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Climate Resilient Urban Parks

Climate Resilient Urban Parks World Urban Parks Climate Change and Resilience Committee have launched an innovative Case Study Map which enables Park Managers to upload examples of Climate Change Mitigation in public parks. The case studies are all displayed via a free online map.

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ENA - France wins second edition of the prestigious European Green Cities Award

France wins second edition of the prestigious European Green Cities Award. After the city of Beringen in Belgium in 2020, Nantes in France wins the second edition of the European Green Cities Award, organised by the European Nurserystock Association (ENA) within the framework of the promotional project ‘Green Cities Europe’. Le Jardin Extraordinaire, from old stone quarry to lush park with stunning views Le Jardin extraordinaire or 101st garden of Nantes has become an attraction. The former Miséry stone quarry has been transformed into an extraordinary, lush garden. Thanks to an incredibly rich plant palette with amongst others tree ferns, century-old ivy and banana trees, an exotic atmosphere is created, adapted to the pre-existing micro climate on site. Moreover, a promenade with seven stunning viewpoints links the park to Nantes’ bustling Chantenay district.

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EILO Best Project Awards 2021

EILO Best Project Awards 2021 52 indoor greenery projects from 15 countries show that the future is green! Every two years EILO – the European Interior Landscaping Organisation – organises its Best Project Competition. EILO’s aim is to connect professional interior landscapers to share knowledge, expertise and inspiration and with this competition it wants to generate attention for interior landscaping with the general public by celebrating the creativity, innovative potential and craftsmanship of the interior landscaping sector. All nominees were judged by an independent international jury. Projects ranged from free-standing greenery to large green walls and urban indoor parks and jungles. The members of the jury were impressed by the outstanding quality of all nominated projects and by the nominees’ attention to sustainability as intrinsic motivation for their work in indoor greenery.

Spoorpark Tilburg with Landscape Contractor Brouwers Groenaannemers win the ELCA Green Award 2021!

Spoorpark Tilburg with Landscape Contractor Brouwers Groenaannemers, VHG member in the Netherlands, win the ELCA Green Award 2021! The Green Park competition 2021 The ELCA Green Award is a competition to promote living green by and with landscape contractors. Develop an ever-growing platform with and between the companies of the ELCA Committee of Firms. The ELCA Green Award is presented to the VHG President, the association that introduced the winning project, at the ceremony of the ELCA Green Award for The Green Park competition 2021. The announcement of the results in collaboration with UNEP – France takes place at the professional fair PAYSALIA 2021 dd 1 December 2021.

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PAYSALIA - Landscape, Garden & Sport Exhibition in Lyon - France

PAYSALIA 30 November - 2 December 2021 Eurexpo Lyon, France More than ever before, everything we say and do focuses on sustainable development. Hallmarked by dynamism the landscaping sector has received massive support to meet new challenges facing the environment and society in general. And landscaping itself is changing, propelled by new ideas like the digitalization of the landscaping businesses, the transition towards renewable energies and automation. Innovative businesses, visionary landscape designers, architects and public authorities work hand in hand in a flurry of creativity. All have their own concepts of what gardens and landscapes should be. And all share a single objective: to invent a world more in harmony with nature and our wellbeing. Paysalia is a unique opportunity to meet prospects, get your products or services better known and position your business to take advantage of new marketplace opportunities. Every two years thousands of professionals flock to the Show to discover new solutions exactly meeting their landscaping needs. JOIN US: 30 November 2021 at 10:00am-12:00am SoGreen General meeting and at 01:45pm-03:00pm SoGreen Conference

European Year of Greener Cities 2022

European Year of Greener Cities 2022 - Great News !!! Sirpa Pietikäinen with the support of ELCA's president Henrik Bos and many stakeholders involved after years of committed efforts. The Commission adopted the initiative to designate the year 2022 as the European Year of Greener Cities. It was adopted as a part of Zero Pollution Action Plan. Opportunities for the green sector in all relevant areas of the living plants, over education and training, development of the trade to the well-being and health of each of us.

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EU Green Week 2021 - The registration is now open

The EU Green Week 2021 Online from 1 to 4 June 2021. The registration is now open. Please complete the registration form in order to attend the virtual conference and experience an almost life-like event. You will be able to follow your choice of live-streamed sessions from our rich and diverse programme, visit exhibitions showcasing inspiring projects from a variety of different organisations, or make new professional connections and share your experience with other participants in the networking space. This year’s edition will be dedicated to the ‘zero pollution ambition’. It will also look at other relevant European Green Deal initiatives, such as the climate initiatives, the upcoming Chemicals Strategy, as well as initiatives in the fields of energy, industry, mobility, agriculture, fisheries, health and biodiversity. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the event’s virtual platform from 1 to 4 June 2021. The EU Green Week 2021 support team -

SoGreen Symposium: The EU Green Deal On the Green Move

EU Green Deal On the Green Move SOGREEN SYMPOSIUM 30.04.2021 • 1:00pm – 5:00pm Brussels time * SoGreen declaration “On the Green move” * Youngster “Call of the future for a healthy and prosperous world” * Stefan Leiner - Head of Unit ENV.D2 Biodiversity  - European Commission  - Environment Directorate-General * Chantal van Ham - EU Programme Manager Nature Based Solutions - IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) * Elena Visnar Malinovska - Unit A.3 – Adaptation - European Commission - DG CLIMA * Sirpa Pietikäinen - Member of the European Parliament * All SoGreen partners: ‘testimonials’ from the professional field, with the importance of the association for The living green movement. A committed lecture strongly emphasized in collaboration with national and international associations and the living green movements. Speakers from 7 different countries about 7 different aspects of the living green on Nature Based Solutions. * Related to the EU Green Week 2021 with the opportunity to engage with all stakeholders and interested citizens on how we can work together to make the ambition for a zero pollution and toxic-free environment a reality.

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ELCA launched the SoGreen movement

On 20 November 2020, Henrik Bos, president of the European Landscape Contractors Association (ELCA), has launched the SoGreen movement, a global stakeholder group that unites all green industries. ‘To start this international sector organization for the global green industries has been one of the biggest goals during my time as president of ELCA.’

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